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A brief look back

When the decision was made in December 2000 to establish the limited liability company, the company had already been operating as a sole proprietorship since 1995.

until 1993
• External one-man measurement assembly service / small warehouse in a garage.

1993 – 2000
• Sole proprietorship, GbR -Team with up to 10 employees / activities for larger exhibition stand construction companies
• Warehouse in Kürten, from 1996 with small own production / sales promotion system Deutsche Bank and Allianz
• Assembly planning, element pre-assembly, assembly / production of stand components for trade fair construction colleagues

1999 – 2000
• AL Messebau becomes AL Messebau & Service GbR / first own planning, consultation
• the word service stands here at the beginning for kitchen equipment

2001 – 2006
• In the middle of January 2001 there was the official entry in the commercial register
• Start of digital rendering for exhibition stands / cooperation with exhibition agencies
• team with up to 20 employees, with 10 external assembly teams / move to Overath Immekeppel
• besides Moscow and Las Vegas the company becomes active in Europe / own carpentry, glaziery
• foil processing / data processing and production of graphics and advertising spaces

2006 – 2010
• Reorganization of the company structure, “bank crisis” / move to Lindlar Hommerich
• the word service now stands for full service, starting with consulting, creation of trade fair concepts
• exhibition stands and the necessary advertising material

2010 – 2019
• Marketing and trade fair concepts ” Less is often more” / long-term projects, “garbage avoider” program
• Model making, lighting variations, LED innovations combined with printed fabric walls

• Covid 19 … the fourth company reorganization / see the pandemic crisis as an opportunity

• 20 years … now let’s go / Analog trade fair concepts / Hybrid events / Digital trade fair world