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2022: Euroguss Nürnberg

Yizumi at Euroguss Nuremberg

For one of Yizumis largest company divisions, die casting, we were approached with a special project. There were quite a few highlights. The floor plan shows a block stand with a tower of 12 sqm floor space and a height of 5.5 meters. Two 75″ LED panels were installed here and an LED wall (W 3.5 x H 2 m) in front of the main entrance. We succeeded here to cover the tower with a cloth of more than 13 meters in one piece. On all four sides the Yizumi lettering was mounted in illuminated 3D letters.

In der Front gab es eine Infotheke und vor dem Turm eine Bartheke. Die Front wurde mit einem Backlight-Stoff belegt und punktuell die Logos und Dreiecke sowie der weiße Rand hinterleuchtet.

At several places there were rotating platforms for the presentation of exhibits. A white contour with backlit LEDs draws extra attention to it.

All surfaces of the counters and platforms were covered with black printed glass.